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About SALT PLUS cartridges

About SALT PLUS cartridges Riga

Flavors of SALT PLUS Pods

12 flavors of pods for SALT PLUS: sweet, mint, berry.

Dry puff protection

Thanks to MESH technology, SALT PLUS delivers a rich and even flavor in every puff without overheating or burnt aftertaste.

salt plus mesh technology
SALT PLUS cartridges 1600 puffs


What are the ingredients of SALT PLUS pods? Pharmaceutical grade nicotine (the highest purity of substances, the standard for medical products) and food flavors (the same as those used in food).

SALT PLUS cartridges are designed in such a way that they cannot be disassembled or refilled with liquid.

You can additionally buy refillable cartridges for the SALT PLUS device.

More information about SALT PLUS refillable pods.

2 PODs of 800 puffs each

The volume of one SALT PLUS pod is 2 ml of liquid. This is up to 800 puffs* depending on the intensity of use.  SALT PLUS has a nicotine content of 2% (20 mg/mL).

2 Refillable cartridges

Refillable Pod SALT PLUS

Features refillable SALT PLUS cartridges

features pods salt plus

Capacity: 2ml

Resistance:1.2 ohm

Mesh Coil

1.2 Ω MESH




SALT PLUS PODs can be refilled with the liquid designed for them - SALT Brew Co. 


Buy SALT PLUS refillable PODs

You can additionally purchase SALT PLUS refillable PODs. Information on where to buy can be found here

Salt plus refillable pods
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